Planning Ahead: Protecting You and Your Family

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The weight of determining the right type of funeral for a loved one can be overwhelming to grieving family members. There are so many decisions to make in attending to the important details of a celebration of life. And, trying to address these important matters while in the throes of grief can be unduly stressful on a family.

That is why many of us are choosing to be proactive in making important decisions regarding funeral arrangements, even in our younger adult years. Pre-planning provides numerous benefits that help protect our loved ones while maintaining clarity around our personal wishes and the type of service most meaningful to us.

Pre-Planning vs. Pre-Paid

Pre-planning essentially is the careful input of the individual with respect to his or her own funeral and cemetery arrangements, in advance and through the use of a plan or contract. Many people choose to make their own arrangements to ensure that final wishes are carried out and to spare loved ones the difficulty of making decisions during a tumultuous time.

Some individuals opt for an additional level of assurance, by financing or scheduling payments for their services in advance, ensuring assets are protected and family members are released from an unexpected financial burden.

How are Pre-Paid Options Handled?

Generally speaking, there are four ways people finance their funeral arrangements.


  • Life insurance purchased solely to cover the services, merchandise, and cemetery costs selected
  • Advance insurance premiums to address fixed costs (with an understanding of what will happen in the event the premiums have not been met)
  • Funeral trusts
  • Bank-held trusts or savings accounts to be dispersed for funeral expenses (this option relies on communication and planning with your family or funeral provider)


No matter what manner of payment is selected, it is important to get as much information as possible, especially regarding funds to be dispersed and what might be needed from a designated family member or provider.

Benefits of Pre-Need Planning and Financing


  • Allows you and your family the time needed to select the service that is aligned with your vision and financing
  • Creates the space for a personalized approach to ritual, whether it is simple or multifaceted
  • Takes the pressure off of family during a time of intense emotional upheaval
  • Eliminates the financial strain of unplanned funeral arrangements and quick decision-making under the burden of heartache
  • Creates an assurance of fixed costs and empowers you to choose expenditures and prepare a payment plan that fits within your budget
  • Certain costs may qualify under Federal Title 19, pre-paid funeral expenses, and are therefore not considered assets by Medicaid


While there are numerous advantages to determining the right funeral plan for you, it is equally important to allow loved ones to be a part of ceremonial decision-making. End-of-life celebration decisions are both personal and familial.   Moser Funeral & Cremation Service’s team of compassionate, knowledgeable staff are skilled in working with you to solidify details while including your family’s expression of grief and their input in tribute to the beautiful life you have led.

If you’d like more information on our pre-planning options and services, we are here to help guide you through this most important process of distinction and comfort.

Established in 2000, Moser Funeral & Cremation Service is a family owned business. Our goal is to take care of our families so that they can focus on their loved ones, what matters. Let us worry about all the logistics, while you focus on family.

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